Integrity Policy

NCP No Common People AB, 556285-6392 (“NCP“), is the Personal Data Controller for the processing of personal data that takes place on this web site.
NCP is respecting your personal privacy. We are responsible for ensuring that the personal data collected by us on the site is used only for the intended purpose. We protect the data from unauthorized access and use.

Your Personal Data

In order for us at NCP to answer a question or fulfill a request from you, you must sometimes provide personal information.

On this website that will be in the form of names, phone numbers and email addresses. If you make contact in another way, it may also be your physical address. This information is used to contact you.

NCP does not otherwise collect personal information about you through this site.
NCP also does not disclose personal data to third parties in cases other than those stated in this integrity policy.

Personal data provided under Career are used for recruitment.
Personal data provided under Contact us is used to send out our newsletter (right now in Swedish only).
Personal data provided under Quality Assurance – WhitePaper is used for the mailing of quality-related documentation and questions related to this (right now in Swedish only).

Personal data may be provided to subcontractors that NCP employs to perform a service, e.g. recruitment. Such a subcontractor is then a Personal Data Processor for NCP.
The personal data services that NCP uses today are as follows: Cinode for Recruitment, CyberCom for Website, Dicom for Server Operation and Microsoft for Office Tools with associated storage.

Personal data may also be disclosed to the police or other authorities, if NCP is required to disclose the information by law or decisions by the authorities.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or about our handling of personal data, or if you want incorrect information adjusted, please contact

You may also request information about personal data regarding you handled at NCP. This request for extract from our registers must be made in writing, be signed by you personally and mailed to:

NCP No Common People AB
Att. PDC
Box 1345
SE-111 83 Stockholm