Applications Management

Maintenance management in cooperation

We see maintenance as a partnership where we help you to continue to have focus on your core business. We can support you in your daily application maintenance regardless if it’s handled in-house or by an external outsourcing partner. Of course, the level of partnership differs from case to case.

We can offer you a total commitment where we take care of both the maintenance and the management of your mainframe applications as well as other applications based on distributed servers. If needed, we can also maintain individual processes.

What’s included?

We can help you in every step within your system lifecycle management:

  • Corrections of large and small errors in your application programs or modules.
  • Application testing together with Change Management of your system or program.
  • Update of system or application solutions, also including the overall requirement picture.
  • Development of new business promoted requirements and functions in existing systems and environments.
  • Daily maintenance of development and test environments.
  • Maintaining and development of competence and knowledge to affected staff.
  • Responsibility take-over for systems, environments and staff.
  • Decommissioning and dismantling of systems and/or environments.

The Maintenance Manager

We see the Maintenance Manager as the key to success. The Maintenance Manager has a good technical knowledge and is an experienced team leader with the ability to create maintenance plans together with a financial budget for new or existing objects.

Through special knowledge and capability, our Maintenance Manager can help you with interpretation and translation of business requirements.

Other roles that we can provide are:

  • Requirement Managers
  • Experienced system developers
  • Test Managers & Test leaders