About No Common People

No Common People wants to be your first choice of support in your quest for a cost-effective and efficient IT operations that provides benefit for you.

No Common People AB is an IT consultant company that since 1986 has provided services in IT management within the business area Lifecycle Management. The business area Mainframe Development has a unique and well-known expertise in mainframe development and training courses.

We are No Common People because we want to show that we have a focus on being specialists in our fields.

We do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

We are No Common People because we believe in thinking outside the box.

We are someone you can trust in providing innovative solutions that drive change and that can stabilize implementation when needed.

We are No Common People because we are personal and reliable.

Our interest is in your business and your challenges as we strive to understand how we can help you in the best way. We quickly become the ones you know you can trust to get things done, and to have an open and honest dialogue with.

We are No Common People as we ensure that we have the consultants that can live up to this.

Our coaching leadership, open atmosphere and flat organizational structure allow us to scope personal development and creative exchange between our consultants. We practice what we preach and we encourage to have fun in the assignments to learn and grow. We believe in being a team.

Together we are No Common People.