System Development

With increased demands from the business and a technological landscape that constantly changes shape, it sometimes makes unreasonable demands on its own organization. What staff are required to both develop and manage, while leading or participating in projects and acquiring the new technology that comes into the market? Especially if you are always expected to be profitable, otherwise the service may be outsourced!

No matter what technology our customers advocate, NCP has a lot of experienced system developers who can meet these needs. As our consultants in many cases have followed the technology from the mainframe to the web, they have gained profound technical skills and many years of experience that help our customers meet the demands of their respective businesses.

Our consultants also have experience of several customer models, procedures and methods, which means that they can take overall responsibility for a development or management area in the organization.
In connection with our assignments, we are actively working with competence transfer so that our customers can benefit from our experience even after we have left the assignment.

NCP has experience and expertise in the following system environments:


  • OS / 390 - z / OS
    (IMS, CICS, TSO, COBOL, PL / 1, RPG)
  • WebSphere
    (MQ Series, Java)
  • Databases
    (DB2, DL / 1)


  • Windows
  • .Net
    (C #, VB, ASP, XML, ...)


  • SQL Server
  • Access
  • Exchange

Other technology

  • Web
  • UNIX
  • Oracle
  • Cisco IOS
  • C, C ++
  • SQL