COBOL is the New Black Says No Common People

31 October 2016 By NCP AB

Press release 2016-10-31

The programming language COBOL has been around since the 60s and is in the news again.

- The industry is screaming for COBOL developers nowadays, says Tommy Smidestam, President and Business Area Manager at No Common People.

NCP No Common People AB has developed a tailor-made training program in COBOL-programming that is held in collaboration with Learning Tree International.

The program runs in four parts and is independent of each other, if you have the right prior knowledge?

- Yes, that’s correct says Tommy Smidestam. We´ve divided the program and spread it out over a three-month period, which allows the participants to practice their skills in their workplace before moving on to the next module.

The interest in COBOL has escalated and it is a programming language that lives on, particularly in the banking world. It is estimated that over 80% of the world’s business transactions is done in COBOL systems.

How does the training program for COBOL look like and what can we expect?

During the first introductory day, we go through the base of IBM’s mainframe-based enterprise environment with the operating system z/OS. We call it: IBM’s Mainframe Computing Environment

We follow up with a four-day course where the focus is TSO/ISPF features and comprehensive introduction to IBM’s JCL (Job Control Language) which is needed for the next course in the COBOL-programming

COBOL-programming is done in two parts, from basic to advanced, held in January-February of five days each.

After completing the program, you can go through a certification according to Mainframe Technology Professional Level 1 (Applications Developer) and get a “degree”.

Registration is open and you can find detailed information about the courses in COBOL Programming Education with certification on our website

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