GDPR consultant


Many providers of GDPR services today focused on managing the situation as of 25/5 2018,
when the legislation on GDPR came into effect. No Common People think longer than that. It is important to achieve - and maintain - a continuity!

Thus, ensure long-term compliance through:

  • Well-implemented compliance project
  • Examination
  • Handling of residual lists
  • Handling of remarks
  • Transition from project to management
  • Management Support
  • Optimization
  • Data Protection Officer (DSO) as a service
  • That's what we want to focus on helping our customers.

Compliance Project

Many are the areas of work that need to be carried out, with the right skills and, to the right extent,

  • Project management- / control
  • Project Mentoring
  • Project Review
  • Projects cleaning
  • Workshop Management
  • Programming
  • Project Administration

Compliance projects must be in line with all aspects of the governing law. In addition, continuity and management must be secured.

For guidance and mentoring, approximately 1/2 day every 14 days is proposed for a normal implementation project, closer to startup and completion. The extent of other activities is determined by the phase of the project and the company's ambitions / directives.


Review of intended, ongoing or future compliance projects.
Can be extended to include review of governing documents.
Implemented in three to five days and resulting in a featured report with an activity list for possible shortcomings and recommendations on a solution.

Rest list

The rest list with the difficult, technically tricky, time-consuming or supplier-complex activities required for full compliance is taken care of.

The work is done on the basis of duality, i.e. in addition to, but in coordination with ongoing business development work, which cannot be stopped.

Ensures that any questions from regulatory authorities answer when and how the remaining activities will be completed.


Handling of any remarks from supervisory authorities by solving the issue without negatively affecting the ongoing work of the administration or other entities - which in worst case scenario can generate additional remarks.

As the remarks can be about technology, agreements, suppliers, processes or governing documents, here is also a duality at work.


Reinforcement of your own organization and the ongoing or completed project with competence in both GDPR, architecture and management methodology.

Strengthens governance conditions by reviewing governing documents, technical support, information architecture and continuity plans.

Ensures that the transition is completed and that the administration has the skills and staffing required to handle data requests, incidents, change processes and management.

Management Support

To dimension and set up a continuous compliance organization or to be a support and mentor for the organization with the task of advising, reviewing and training.

Ensures all parts are covered, securing governing documents, communications and processes.


Optimizing and tuning of routines added during the project in the form of manual handling ensures both quality and economy at work.

The work has an impact on information architecture as well as system architecture and processes, aiming not only to solve the risks and resource difficulties involved in manual work, but also to create additional opportunities with a positive impact on the business.

DPO as a service

Temporary appointment of Data Protection Officer with the task of supporting a company with compliance through audit, advice and communication.

DPO maintains primary contact with the supervisory authority and is also an internal mentor for management and projects regarding all types of personal data management issues.