Software Testing

Our testing philosophy is that test work should be performed in all project phases and that it should start as early as possible, because that makes faults much cheaper to correct, when being found in an early test phase, regardless of development and project methodologies.

To us the testing and quality assurance is closely integrated with the development and maintenance work.
Our consultants can act as tester, test designer, test analyst, test lead and test manager, as well as configuration manager.
There are usually four phases within testing:

Unit / Program Test Integration Test System Test Acceptance Test

Each phase consists of these steps:


These phases are governed by the test strategy and by the overall test plan.
The overall test plan among other things decides the level of ambition, delimitations, organization, testing procedures and routines, if possible related to an overall test strategy for the project or, preferably, for the company / organization.

The purpose of planning is to identify test techniques and possible testing tools, as well as the scope of testing, required coverage, exceptions and organization, including the test design.

The purpose of test execution is to verify the test object according to specification and to find and/or help eliminate as many faults as possible as early as possible in the development process.
The purpose of completion is to remove unnecessary documentation, reflect on and summarize the test work, and also deliver test documentation to the next test phase or to the maintenance group.
Or consultants can quickly and efficiently find out the status of a project, as well as the potential for improvement, by conducting reviews and sample testing. We combine our methodology and processes with area expertise to create structured and manageable test phases.